Beauty Teck International (Pvt) Ltd.


Mian Faiz Ahmed (Late)


Mian Faisal Shahzad 


Our beloved Father Mr. Faiz Ahmed started manufacturing of Surgical Instruments in 1970 with an aim to serve Medical Devices Industry.

In 1980 our father established his own company. His aim was to serve HealthCare industry by supply of medical devices around the globe. Mr. Faiz Ahmed visited UAE exhibition where he met with an American Client who was really impressed by quality of instruments and finally client decided to visit Mr. Faiz Ahmed Manufacturing Unit in Pakistan.

American client visited Manufacturing Unit in Pakistan and surprised to see advanced manufacturing processes and skills of producing quality instruments and decided to build long term business relations.

Later on Mr. Faiz visited Tuttlingen Germany in 1992 for business meetings with German client and got positive response from German market, same response in 2001 when he visited Japanese Market.

He decided joint venture with German and Japanese companies. He successfully established his business in other regions of the world.


Mr. Faisal Shahzad was inspired from his father and joined medical device manufacturing business in 1996 under the supervision of his father.

In 2006 Mr. Faiz Ahmed observed extra ordinary skills of his youngest son Mr. Faisal Shahzad and established separate company with name of Beauty Teck International (Pvt.) Ltd.

Mr. Faisal Shahzad who is most experienced in the manufacturing of medical devices industry.

Beauty Teck International (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in order to provide solutions to supply medical devices in operating rooms of the Hospitals and around the world. The company’s aspirations for excellence and highest quality manufacturing have led “Beauty Teck International” to other Medical fields in quality.


Our products are going further for hygiene

At Beauty Teck we produce over 8000 products for Surgical Instruments, Dental Instrumetns, Tungsten Carbide Instruments
and Single Use Instruments. All products listed in our website are a few from our vast product range.
We can make any instruments as per customer requirements. You can send us sample or picture or
reference no. from any international catalog for making instruments.


Members / Certified - Trade Associations

Our company is registered with trade associations including SCCI, SIMAP, REX, TDAP, SECP, FDA (USA) and CFDA (CHINA)