Quality Environment Policy


The BTI regards global environmental preservation as the most important matter to human beings. Accordingly, we continue our untiring efforts toward the realization of sustainable development with the aim of achieving harmony between the business activities with the future dawn. 


BTI has developed its global business activities manufacturing surgical instruments of various kinds and make efforts to improve it continually and also to prevent pollution.

Resource and Energy Conservation

With increasing concerns and efforts to prevent global warming and efforts to realize a society centered on recycling, we shall work toward 


● Resource conservation
● Energy conservation
● Promotion of recycling
● Reduction of waste


Compliance with environment-related laws

We comply with the laws, regulations and other matters required of world organizations. 

We shall promote continual improvements in the environmental management system by establishing environmental objectives/targets, working to realize them and annually reviewing them together with environmental policies.

The trademark of our success is qualified to production of Fine - Quality products, which close at our end user satisfaction. Our products have provided full trust to Doctors and Surgeons.

Production Flow Chart

Download our production flow chart in pdf format.

Prduction Flow Chart
AISI Stainless Steel Material Chart