Terms and Conditions of Business


Our prices are stable for one year, after which they may be subject to a change depending upon general price increase of stainless steel. Instruments prices are revised according to the price of raw material and craftsmanship at the end of company’s financial year.

Terms Of Payment

Payment terms for new customers are normally ‘Advance’ or ‘L/C’. However, after one year of successful business, we change the payment terms to CAD or any other as mutually agreed. All quoted prices are in USD, EURO & GBP FOB unless otherwise stated.

Minimum Order Quantity

We are bulk manufacturers and unless your requested item is in stock, MOQ requirements will apply. The requirement may range from 1000-5000 pieces Non-Sterile and 500-1000 pieces Sterile depending upon the type of product.

Delivery Times

Items in stock can be shipped within 2-3 weeks. Any new production may require 30-60 days depending upon type of instrument. This lead time can be reduced with regular customer orders.


Two years Non-Sterile & five years Sterile guarantee is offered to our customers. During this time, the company will replace the product free of cost if any manufacturing defect is observed in the product.

Freight & Shipping

Beauty Teck provides different methods of delivery as per customers demand:
1) By Air
2) By Sea
3) By Courier
Freight and shipping charges may be added to the invoice depending upon the nature of delivery. We deliver via C&F, CIF, CAD, & FOB shipments.