Instruments Care and Handling

  • Medical Tools Instruments last for years with proper care and handling. Please use these guidelines for all stainless steel instruments.
  • Brand new instruments should be cleaned prior to first sterilization.
  • Contaminated instruments should be processed as soon as possible.
  • Stubborn protein particles can be removed with a scrub brush. Never use steel wool, abrasives or an acid rinse.
  • Open joints on instruments prior to preparation
  • Do not use multipurpose detergents to wash or soak instruments. Instead, use a low-suds detergent specifically designed for instruments. The pH should never be higher than 8. When using ultrasonic, a detergent with a pH of 6, 7 or 8.
  • Lubrication is vital to a long instrument life.
  • Avoid silicone lubricants because they tend to build up and mix with debris to clog moving parts, which becomes almost impossible to remove. Debris buildup can have a “rust-like” appearance.
  • Rinse your cleaned instruments in demineralized water. Be sure to remove all residual cleaning compounds before sterilization, as they can cause stains.
  • Dry the instrument thoroughly after rinsing.

Instruments Check-Up
The best time to check instruments is after they have been cleaned, lubricated, and have cooled off.

Please check the following:

  1. Function Checkup:

Splitters, nippers, and scissors must cut cleanly and close properly.Needle holders and clamps must engage properly and meet correctly at the tips.
Instruments which have been dropped or otherwise damaged should be inspected carefully for cracking, bent tips or breakage.2. Surface Examination:
Inspect the surface for any signs of staining or other irregularity. If you find any staining, investigate the source and avoid it in the future.

Common Reasons for Stains
Inadequate cleaning, mixing dissimilar metals, water impurities, unsuitable or improper preparation and usage of cleaning and disinfecting or maintenance agents, Non-Compliance with operating procedures of cleaning and sterilizing equipment.